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The most important decision you'll ever make.

The most important decision you'll ever make.

The most important decision you'll ever make.

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Being a part of a Faith Family is important, but it is not the “Most Important.” The most important thing in life is Salvation. Here’s what salvation means:


• Jesus came to rescue us. We can’t solve all of our problems on our own. Without Jesus, we’re trapped in the expectations of others. We’re trapped in living for the approval of our peers. We’re trapped in addictions. We’ve tried to change over and over again, but we don’t have the needed power to escape. Jesus came to give us that power.


• Jesus came to recover us. We all long to recover parts of our lives that have been lost. Without Christ, we long to recover our strength, our confidence, our reputations, our innocence, and our relationship with God. Only Jesus can do that.


• Jesus came to reconnect us. Many people think that God will scold them if they come back to him. But God isn’t mad at you. He’s mad about you. Jesus came to Earth on the first Christmas to reconcile us to God, to give us harmony with him again.


• Jesus came to Earth to give us the gift of Himself. Too many of us celebrate His birthday without accepting this free gift of salvation. It goes unwrapped year after year after year. That’s not smart. You were made by God and for God. Until you understand that, life will never make sense. 

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It isn’t just giving in general that is expected; it is selfless and sacrificial giving that overflows from a heart responding to the generosity of the gospel. 

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