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Sports Camp 2019

Learn more about Sports camp 

What happens at Sports Camp?

Sports camp is a great place for kids to come and play sports like soccer, kickball, baseball, and many others. We also watch allusions, sing silly songs, have crazy water fights, dance parties, and most importantly learn about Jesus!


When is Sports Camp?

Sports camp this year is June 24-27 from 9am-12pm


How Much does Sports Camp Cost?

Sports camp is FREE! Yes we said that right FREE!


What ages are offered at Sports Camp!

Ages Kindergarten-6th Grade are offered at Sports Camp. We split up most of the groups at sports camp to make it the best experience for the kids. our groups are split up like this Kindergarten, 1st Grade, 2nd Grade, 3rd Grade 4th Grade, and 5/6th Grade.


Where is Sports Camp?

Sports Camp is at The Rock Church and you can get directions here!




How do I sign my kids up for Sports Camp

Signing your children up is really simple. Just click the button below and that will take you to the Registration form!



Have any more Questions? Contact us here.


Learn more about Mommy and me

What is Mommy and Me?

Mommy and Me is a great place for mothers to spend time at Sports camp with their kids who are too young for Sports Camp! Mommy and Me is where Mothers will bring their young children to Sports Camp and play games make crafts and spend time with other mothers. We have coffee and spend time with our young ones.


When is Mommy and Me?  

Just like Sports camp Mommy and me is June 24-27 from 9am-12pm


Can Fathers come to Mommy and Me?

Yes of course! In past years we have had Many Fathers come to Mommy and Me and they have a blast.


What ages can come to Mommy and Me?

Any ages from 0-4 are welcome to come with their Mothers to Mommy and Me!

Do the mothers get to stay with their children?

Yes mothers are required to stay with their children for Mommy and Me​

Sign up for Mommy and Me today!