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Over the years, Christians have developed their own “church language.” The most common is the phrase, “You just gotta have faith.”  No doubt you’ve heard it before, and probably even said it.  The question becomes, faith in what?  Faith in a book? Faith in a Pastor or Teacher?  A blind faith?  Used by kind-hearted, well-meaning Christians, the phrase, “You just gotta have faith,” isn’t very helpful, is it? The reality is, Jesus never asked his 1st century followers to have a “blind faith.”  Jesus came to show us God the Father and punctuated his teaching with evidence.  Evidence on display on the streets in Jerusalem for everyone to see. Jesus’ followers didn’t believe until they saw. Thus, the Christian faith is a response to actual documented evidence. Follow along as we explore the testimony of a first-century Disciple named John, as he describes for us his eyewitness account of the Rabbi from Nazareth.  Can the signs and miracles that Jesus performed over 2000 years ago help to grow our faith today?  John the Disciple certainly thought so!  After all, he was an Eyewitness.

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